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Dr./Prof. Anna Aslan

General Director of the State Institute for Geriatric Research and Geriatric Medicine in Bucharest, Romania, which she founded. It is the oldest institute of its kind worldwide.  Dr. and scientist Anna Aslan dedicated her life to the research of the decaying cells which we call "old ageî.  After several decades of research, it was in this institute that Dr. Aslan discovered the method that slows down and sometime reverse the premature decay and aging process. she called it the GEROVITAL GH3 TREATMENT.  The name Gerovital GH3 was chosen in order to reinforce its revitalizing effects on aging process.  This product has at its base procaine which has a metabolic, enzymatic and anti dystrophic effect on the aging process as well as on the central nervous system diseases and the cardiovascular system.  The other components of this product have a speeding and anti arteriosclerosis factor that brings a new element in the prophylaxis and in the delay of the aging process.

The Gerovital Efficiency

Dr, Aslan developed a specific method in order to implement the GEROVITAL TREATMENT, which has helped hundreds of thousands of people to become healthy and productive again. Such celebrities as Charlie Chaplin, Salvador Dali, Marlene Dietrich, Pablo Picasso and President John F. Kennedy, Stallone have benefited from Dr. Aslan therapy.  The ASLAN Institute Group is present in Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Egypt, Switzerland, Panama and South America.  The first ASLAN Institute in the United States will be at the Beverly Hills Medical Center. The resent congress on Gerontology of Monte Carlo recognized once again the fundamental discoveries of Dr. Aslan.  It is possible to buy the Gerovital H3 (non cosmetic) injections and pills at: Zalmoxian Products
Gerovital Treatment

Gerovital G H3 is recommended to fight all aging effects. wrinkles, spots, senile keratosis, baldness, vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, lapardosis because of its effect on the collagen. It is beneficial in treating osteoarticular diseases. It is recommended for nervous central systems with arteriosclerosis with Parkinson's disease, Pseudobulbic paralysis and cerebellum syndrome. Improvements have been noted in mobility, spasmodicity and trophic edemas.

There are very few intolerance to the Gerovital GH3 contrary to the treatments made only of procaine.

What specialists think about Gerovital GH3:

GH3 is a major step forward in the field of anti-aging.  The metabolites of procaine have enormous impact on restoring key areas in the body. Gerovital GH3 has deservedly earned a strong reputation among the older population-it enhances joint mobility and arterial health, improves mentally acuity while chasing the blues away, and it also rejuvenates the skin.  Itís what you can call an all-body formula for postponing the signs of agingî Dr. Paul Yutsis, M.D.

Gerovital is a state of the art anti-aging formula.  Anyone who wants to prevent or alleviate age related diseases should be taking GH3 every day.î Dr. Hans Kluger, Associated Professor at Chicagoís Roosevelt University- Author of slowing Down the Aging Process

"Month after Month I am stunned by the results. For several months I gave gerovital H3 to 50 of my patients and to myself I noticed significant improvements not only physical but also mental and emotional" Dr. Albert Simard MD

Dr. Aslan has received many distinctions through out the years:

1957, U.S.: Member of the Board of the international Association of Gerontology
1959, Austria: Nomination as Chairwoman of the world Organization for Prophylactic Medicine.î
1965, U.S.: Member of the American Society for Gerontology. 
1966, Chile: Honorary Member of the gerontology Society of Chili. 
1968, U.S.: Member of the academy of Science, New York
1969, France: Member of the ìICSG-International Center of Social Gerontology
1971, Switzerland: Honorary President of the European Congress for Clinical Gerontology
1971, Germany: first Class Order of the Federal Republic of Germany
1971, Italy: Honorary Member of the academy of Lancisianaï
1972, Greece: Honorary Member of the association of Psychosocial Research
1972, Venezuela: Augusto Pinana- Medal of the Red Cross
1973, Brazil: Honorary Doctor of the Bragança Paulista University, Sao Paolo
1974, France: Knight of the Order Les Palmes Académiques
1975, Netherlands: Commander of the Order De Oranje Nassau.î
1976, Netherlands: Member of the world Advisory Board for Urgent Emergencies.î
1977, Spain: Founding Member of the federation of Gerontological Societies
1977, Italy: international Dag Hamaskjold Award
1978, UN: national Delegate for Gerontology with the UN in New York
 1978, U.S.: Member of the American Academy for Medical Prophylaxis. 
1979, Philippines: Honorary Professor of the Sciences- Manila University
1980, Czechoslovakia: ìJanasa-Bochumila-Guota-Science Award
1981, India : Order of Merit of the Indian Institute of Medical Sciences »
1982, USSR: Honorary Member of the medical Scientific Society for Gerontology and Geriatrics
1983, Germany: Founding Member of the world Advisory Board of Scientific
1986, Germany: Chairwoman of the academic Advisory Board of the German ASLAN- Society

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